1. 13:15 22 Aug 2014

    Tags: big data

    JSM Talk on Big Data

    My friend Sherri Rose asked me to be a discussant for a session at the Joint Statistical Meetings called Innovations in Statistics for Big Data from the Next GenerationIt was a real honor to hang out with and discuss statistics for big data with so many talented people.

    You can find my slides here:

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  2. 02:10 16 Jun 2014


    The following is an excerpt from my dissertation. It felt sad burying all my gratitude in a gigantic research document that not many people will read. To all the amazing people in my life that aren’t mentioned here: this was written somewhat (very) hastily and I’m (probably) grateful to you as well :)

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  3. 12:42 12 Mar 2014

    Tags: edavideos

    Learn Exploratory Data Analysis

    My friends Moira, Dean, and Solomon - all members of Facebook’s Data Science team - worked with Udacity to create a fantastic course on exploratory data analysis. If you’re new to R/ggplot, or just want to hear about how experts think about visualizing and exploring data, this would be a great place to start. I really can’t recommend these instructors highly enough.

    They asked several members of our team to talk about an EDA project they worked on and these interviews are included in the course. You can check out me talking about visualizing the sentiment from posts about NFL teams here.  I talk about using splines versus more flexible models for time series data and the bias-variance tradeoff.