Sean J. Taylor


I am a data scientist, social scientist, statistician, and software developer. I mostly specialize in methods for solving causal inference and business decision problems, and I am particularly interested in building tools for practitioners working on real-world problems. I’m a generalist, I like to hang out with people from many fields and borrow as many ideas as possible. I have collaborated with computer scientists, economists, political scientists, statisticians, machine learning researchers, and business school scholars. It’s fun for me to jump around a bit, continue learning new things, and make connections between fields.

Here are some useful links:


Videos and Podcasts

Data Science

Here are some data science posts I’ve written:

Social Science

Here are some of my social science papers. Almost all papers are field experiments on online social platforms.

Experimentation and Statistics

Here are some of my papers on experimentation and statistics. I’m relatively new to this field and mostly a consumer of statistics research, rather than a producer.

Forecasting Software